Where is the gem for Celio?

If you forgot, Celio’s in the Pokemon Center. Celio asks you to help him find a gem that’ll make his Pokemon trading machine work. Go to Mt. Ember to find the gem.

Where do I give Celio The two gemstones?

Next time you go to Island One, Celio will tell you he needs the gemstones to link to faraway regions. He means the Hoenn region into Lanette’s computer. You need to get out of the Poke Center and walk towards the EAST and surf to the NORTH.

Where is the ruby for Celio in fire red?

Make your way to B5F at the bottom of the cave to find the Ruby. You can find the way down in the southwest corner of B3F. You’ll find the Ruby in the middle of the room on B5F. Collect the Ruby and return it to Celio.

What do you do after you give the sapphire to Celio in fire red?

Once you give him both the Ruby and Sapphire Plates, you are able to Trade with Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, and Pokemon Colosseum. Hope this helps! Cross Stinger answered: Essentially, you can go back to the Elite Four and challenge them again; this time their Pokémon’s levels have increased significantly.

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Why can’t I enter cerulean cave?

Cerulean Cave is the final proving spot for the most advanced of trainers. Located north of Cerulean City, you must surf to reach the entrance. You cannot obtain access to the cave until you beat the Elite Four, and deliver Celio the Ruby and Sapphire gems to allow for free trade.

How do I get through Icefall Cave?

Icefall Cave

Head to the eastern side of town and go down the stairs. Surf on the water and collect the Stardust on the grassy lip near the water. Surf north to find the cave entrance. In the first room, Surf north and exit through the opening in the ice.

Who is Celio in fire red?

Celio is a scientist that lives in One Island. He wants the player to find the Ruby and the Sapphire so that he can finish his machine. Doing this will allow the player to trade between FireRed and LeafGreen and Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games.

What does the Braille say in fire red?

If you are interested, the Braille message says “Everything has meaning. Existence has meaning. Being alive has meaning. Have dreams.

What do u do after u beat the elite four in fire red?

Things To do

  1. Obtain 60 Pokemon and get the National Dex from Prfessor oak.
  2. help Celio obtain Ruby and Sapphire. …
  3. Go To Cerulean cave as Mewtwo is now obtainable.
  4. you can catch one of the three legendary dogs(When you pick Bulbasaur, you can catch Entei. …
  5. You can now challenge the Battle Tower.
  6. Go on the Unown quest.
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What are the Tanoby ruins for in fire red?

The Tanoby Chambers (Japanese: アスカナのせきしつ Asukana Stone Chambers) are a strange and surreal place, ruins whose purpose has long since been forgotten. However, once the Tanoby Key in Sevault Canyon is completed, Trainers will find the true purpose of these chambers: a home for Unown.

Where is the rocket warehouse in fire red?

The Rocket Warehouse (Japanese: ロケットだんそうこ Team Rocket Warehouse) is Team Rocket’s base of operations in the Sevii Islands. It is located on Five Island, within the Five Isle Meadow. Found exclusively in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, this base is where one must travel to get the Sapphire gem.

How do you get to Mewtwo in cerulean cave?

On B1F, head right (east) and then down (south), circling back on yourself to a body of water in the bottom left (south-west) corner of the room. Hop onto the water and surf north, to the western side of the room, where you’ll find Mewtwo.

Where is Mew in fire red?

Game Location
Emerald Faraway Island
FireRed Trade from Emerald
LeafGreen Trade from Emerald

What Pokemon are in Cerulean Cave Soul Silver?

At the deepest point of the cave lives Mewtwo, a Pokémon that can only be found in Cerulean Cave. Mewtwo was artificially created in the Pokémon Mansion before it became too powerful and escaped, exiling itself to the cave, never to be seen again.

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