Who found the largest diamond in Arkansas?

George Stepp, a logger from Carthage, Arkansas, discovered this diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park in 1977. Kahn later purchased the diamond from Stepp. This 16.37-carat white gem is the biggest diamond found by a park visitor following the Crater’s establishment as a state park in 1972.

What is the most valuable diamond found in Arkansas?

Quick Facts about Crater of Diamonds State Park

The largest diamond ever discovered in the United States was unearthed here in 1924 during an early mining operation. Named the Uncle Sam, this white diamond with a pink cast weighed 40.23 carats.

How much is the diamond found in Arkansas worth?

Arkansas man sifting his 11th bucket of dirt finds 4.49-carat diamond worth $32,000. An Arkansas man sifting for gems at Crater of Diamonds State Park on Halloween, found a “treat” in his 11th bucket of the day – the third-largest diamond discovered at the park this year.

Who found a diamond in Arkansas?

Christian Liden, of Poulsbo, Washington, found the stone and named it Washington Sunshine. “Mr. Liden’s diamond is light yellow, with a triangular shape and a sparkling, metallic luster. Like most diamonds from the park, it contains a few inclusions, making it one of a kind.

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Are Arkansas diamonds valuable?

Arkansas diamonds fetch about ten times more per carat than comparable stones, largely because collectors value the diamonds’ American provenance and unique character. Many of the stones are smooth and rounded like a drop of glass, and they are among the hardest in the world.

Can you really find diamonds in Arkansas?

More On Big Diamonds

The largest diamond to be found since the area became a state park was found in August of 1975. … Just this past September, a nine-carat diamond was found by Arkansas resident Kevin Kinard. It is the second-largest diamond found since 1972. These are the newsworthy finds.

How many people have found diamonds in Arkansas?

Crater of Diamonds State Park Diamond Statistics Summary

2018 405 8
2019 491 18
2020 353 17
TOTALS 34,138 1,021

How much is a 1 carat diamond worth?

According to diamonds.pro, a 1 carat diamond costs anywhere between $1,800 and $12,000. However, a quality diamond doesn’t just come down to size. When assessing stone value four very important factors are always taken into consideration – the four c’s of diamond quality: color, cut, clarity and carat.

How much would a 9 carat uncut diamond be worth?

Diamond Pricing: the total weight of a 9 carat diamond is 1.8 grams and the prices per carat range from $13,689 to $200,535.

What is the only thing able to scratch a diamond?

Diamonds happen to be the hardest known mineral or gem on the planet. Diamonds are ranked a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness; all other minerals are ranked 9 or below. Anything with a hardness below that of a diamond cannot scratch a diamond. That means only a diamond can scratch a diamond.

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Has anyone found a diamond at Crater of Diamonds?

Weighing 2.20 carats, Liden’s diamond is the largest found at the park since last October, when a visitor from Fayetteville, Ark. discovered a 4.49-carat yellow diamond. He found it in dirt from the West Drain of the park’s 37.5-acre diamond search area, the surface of an ancient, diamond-bearing volcanic pipe.

How can you tell a raw diamond?

Put the diamond under the loupe or microscope and look for rounded edges that have tiny indented triangles. Cubic diamonds, on the other hand, will have parallelograms or rotated squares. A real raw diamond should also appear like it has a coat of vaseline over it. Cut diamonds will have sharp edges.

Where have diamonds been found in Arkansas?

About 33,000 diamonds have been found at Crater of Diamonds since it opened in 1972, according to Waymon Cox, a park interpreter who helps visitors understand the historical and cultural significance of the park.

How much is a diamond from Crater of Diamonds worth?

The diamond was later graded colorless and internally flawless by the American Gem Society and valued at $500,000. Another notable diamond from the Crater of Diamonds is the 1.09-carat D-flawless Strawn-Wagner Diamond.

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