Who skates for diamond?

Diamond Supply Co. has an elite team roster featuring some of the most legendary names in skateboarding including Gino Iannucci, Julien Stranger, J.B Gillet, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Stevie Williams, Torey Pudwill, Nyjah Huston and Sean Malto.

Who owns Diamond?

Nick Tershay – Owner – Diamond Supply Co.

Who is Diamond Supply?

Diamond Supply Co. is an American streetwear and skateboard label, founded by Nicholas Tershay (Nick Diamond), in 1998. Starting out with Mike Carroll and Rick Howard’s prominent Girl Skateboards distribution company, further expanding with bolts, bearings, T-shirts, fleece and accessories.

Who made Diamond Supply Co?

Николас Тершай

Which country has the most diamonds?

Diamond industry worldwide

Russia and the Botswana hold the world’s largest diamond reserves, totaling 650 million carats and 310 million carats, respectively, as of 2019. Based on production volume, Russia and Australia are the world’s largest producers.

Which country has the most diamond mines in the world?

The Leading Diamond Producers

Gem Diamond Mine Production
Country 2019
Russia 25,000
Canada 18,500
Botswana 18,000

Why is diamond so expensive?

A diamond is the hardest material on the earth and the most expensive gemstone as well. Diamonds are not rare but high-quality diamonds that can be used in the jewelry are rare. … In addition, the size and quality of the diamond also plays a major role on the price. These are the reasons why diamonds are so expensive.

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How much are real diamonds worth?

Diamond Price Chart

Diamond Carat Weight Price (Per Carat, Round Brilliant Cut) Total Price
1.0 carat $2,500 – $18,000 $2,500 – $18,000
1.50 carat $3,300 – $24,000 $4,400 – $32,000
2.0 carat $4,200 – $29,000 $8,400 – $58,000
3.0 carat $7,200 – $51,000 $21,600 – $153,000

What’s the most expensive diamond in the world?

Though the most expensive diamond in the world is the oval-shaped legendary Koh-I-Noor, weighing a massive 105.6 carat and the most expensive diamond, we do not know the actual price of it. Steeped in mystery and legend, the stone is believed to have been mined in India in the 1300s.

What are the best streetwear brands?

What Are the Best Streetwear Brands?

  • Supreme. With all the hype, resale prices and overall fame of Supreme, it can be easy to forget that Supreme’s pieces are just cool. …
  • Palace. …
  • Off-White. …
  • Noah. …
  • Carhartt. …
  • BAPE. …
  • Aimé Leon Dore. …
  • Stüssy.


Is Diamond Supply Co streetwear?

back in 1998 with the original vision of selling skate hardware. It quickly graduated onto tees and accessories, capturing a zeitgeist that expanded the reach of the brand far beyond the skate community and established Diamond Supply Co. (and it’s instantly recognizable logo) within an emerging streetwear scene.

Who is Nick Tershay?

Professional skateboarder turned fashion designer who created the skateboard accessory and clothing line Diamond Supply Co. He gained worldwide recognition for his popular T-shirt designs, which have been worn by well-known artists such as Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Rick Ross and The Alchemist.

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Is Diamond Supply Co made in China?

Diamond Supply Co is an American clothing brand founded in 1998 that features hip, trendy designs aimed at skaters and teen demographics. … Their clothes are manufactured in Thailand, China, and India.

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