Why is jewels mom a horse?

Darl’s taunt that Jewel’s mother is a horse indicates that Jewel devotes all the love he possesses for his mother on the horse. The horse has become a type of mother symbol, but only Darl is perceptive enough to be aware of this.

How did Jewell come to own the horse?

In order to buy the horse initially, Jewel had to work every night, lying to his family with the exception of Addie, who favored Jewel and forced her other children to take over his chores. Darl even remarks sardonically that Jewel’s mother is a horse.

How did Jewel get his horse as I lay dying?

Jewel’s history: he secretly worked overnight for months on Quick’s forty-acre field to earn his horse. Jewel returns from the fields with Darl, taller and soldier-like, stepping through cottonhouse windows. He goes straight into the pasture after getting home, whistles for his horse.

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Why does Vardaman call his mother a fish?

Vardaman is referring to his mother, who has died. He’s not trying to be all profound and metaphorical; instead, he has such a poor understanding of death that he literally thinks his mother is now a fish, since her coffin floating in the river reminds him of his encounter with a dead fish earlier in his life.

Who is jewels mother in As I Lay Dying?

Jewel Bundren – Jewel is the third of the Bundren children, most likely around nineteen years of age. A half-brother to the other children and the favorite of Addie, he is the illegitimate son of Addie and Reverend Whitfield.

Did Jewel give up his horse?

Finally, Jewel is forced to give up his horse in order to complete the family’s quest to bury Addie where she wants to be buried. When he does so, Jewel’s act symbolizes a recognition that his mother is truly gone.

Why did Jewel sell his horse?

Because Jewel is unable to express his love for his mother, he substitutes all of his love for the horse. … In fulfillment of Addie’s prophecy, it is Jewel who saves her from the water and the fire, and he is her salvation since he sells his horse in order to complete the journey.

Who is older jewel or Darl?

Jewel The violent son, who owns the horse and who is ten years younger than Darl.

Why does Vardaman drill holes in his mother’s coffin?

First of all, Vardaman didn’t know he was drilling through her face; he was only trying to drill through the coffin. He thought his mother was still alive. If she’s still alive, then she needs air, and she can’t get air when the coffin is nailed close over her. So the answer is to put some holes in the box.

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Who is jewels dad?

Atz Kilcher

Why did they put Addie in the coffin backwards?

The family has laid Addie into the coffin backward to accommodate the flared bottom of her wedding dress, with her feet in place at the head end, and there is a mosquito net over her face to mask the drilled holes.

Who killed the fish in As I Lay Dying?

In Section 16, narrated by Tull, Vardaman is still associating the death of the fish with the death of his mother. Both memories evoke other memories of when he was not able to breathe because he was in a confined place. Therefore, when Vardaman comes home, he opens the window so that Addie can breathe.

What does the coffin symbolize in As I Lay Dying?

The coffin symbolizes the sense of weight and lack of balance (literally and figuratively) that the Bundrens take on by carting Addie all the way to Jefferson to be buried.

What does one lick less mean?

The short answer is: Addie. It’s hard to see it, but Jewel fiercely loves his mother. … Notice that Darl describes the sound of Cash’s adze as “Chuck,” while Jewel hears “One lick less.” He imagines that every swing of the adze means that the distance to Addie’s death is made one lick less; he is chipping away her life.

Why did Darl burn the barn?

In the early part of this section, Darl tells Vardaman that he heard his mother asking to be hidden from the sight of man. This is one of the motivating reasons behind Darl’s decision to burn the barn. … Therefore, he wants to thwart their selfish motives and at the same time give his mother a respectable cremation.

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What is there about jewels horse that suggests power?

Jewel and his horse add a new wrinkle to the use of animals as symbols. To us, based on Darl’s word, the horse is a symbol of Jewel’s love for his mother. For Jewel, however, the horse, based on his riding of it, apparently symbolizes a hard-won freedom from the Bundren family.

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