You asked: Do Ruby and Olivia from on my block die?

Ruby and Olivia fell victim to gunshot wounds but only one was meant to survive. The fate of Ruby and Olivia resulted in On My Block’s first major cliffhanger. It was presumed that at least one of the characters would die from the event but viewers were forced to wait a year to find out the truth.

Is Olivia from on my block dead?

Netflix’s most binged show of 2018 returned with an equally fun and emotional season 2, which quickly resolved the fates of Olivia (Ronni Hawk) and Ruby (Jason Genao), who had been shot in the season 1 finale. We catch up with Ruby being released from the hospital and still mourning the death of Olivia.

Did Ruby and Olivia die?

Ruby and Olivia were dancing together when the Prophets, lead by Latrelle (whose life Cesar had just spared) rolled in and began shooting. Both Ruby and Olivia were shot, but last we saw, they were both alive.

How does Olivia die?

After Rosita tries to shoot Negan, he demands to know who made the bullet for her. When Rosita refuses to tell, Negan demands that Arat, a Savior, choose someone to kill. She pulls out her gun, turns around and shoots Olivia in the face, killing her.

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Will Olivia return to on my block?

Her heartbreaking fate was revealed in season 2. On My Block returns for season 2 and Olivia’s fate has finally been revealed. Olivia is dead on On My Block and Ruby, Cesar, Jamal, and Monse are grieving and handling the fall out of the shooting at the quinceañera.

Why did Olivia get kicked off on my block?

According to Screen Rant, the fate of Olivia was already decided before the end of the first season. Her character was written to not survive the shooting and serve as a push for Rudy’s storyline of his survivor’s guilt and trauma.

Does Cesar kill latrelle?

In season one, Cesar’s older brother Spooky (Julio Macias), who is the leader of The Santo’s gang, sent Cesar to kill Latrelle. However, in the end, Cesar could not go through with the killing. … Cesar went after Latrelle and tried to shoot him dead but fortunately, the gun jammed.

How did Olivia die and not Ruby?

Unfortunately, Cesar’s gang involvement put his closest friends at risked and a rival gang member opened fire on the partygoers. Ruby and Olivia fell victim to gunshot wounds but only one was meant to survive.

Is Freeridge from on my block real?

More specifically, On My Block is set in the fictional neighbourhood of Freeridge which is a predominately Hispanic and African-American community. Freeride is ruled by opposing gangs The Santos and The Prophets with the group of friends somehow ending up in the middle of many of their ongoing dramas.

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Who killed Olivia in hit the floor?

Lionel tells Sloane that she manipulated her into incriminating Oscar so Lionel could get rid of him and take over the team. Jelena’s price for helping Lionel is Ahsha being fired from the Devil Girls. German is revealed to be the person who killed Olivia, after intercepting one of her red envelopes meant for Ahsha.

Did Olivia and Joshua date?

It is believed that Olivia and Joshua dated in 2019 while filming High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, but they eventually broke up in early 2020.

Who does Olivia date in on my block?

They both broke up because they had feelings for two different people. According to Monse, in an earlier chapter, Olivia’s relationship with Cesar wouldn’t break up the “family” but, her’s would. They first met in Chapter Two, when Ruby introduced them to each other.

Does Ruby get with Olivia?

Ruby fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Olivia was into Ruby’s best friend Cesar before realizing Ruby’s feelings for her and she had feelings for him. In Chapter 10 of Season 1, Olivia finally kisses Ruby. A few moments later, both Ruby and Olivia were shot, and Olivia died.

How old is spooky from on my block?

Julio Macias age

Julio Macias who plays the role of the handsome gang member, Oscar “Spooky” Diaz, just turned 31 years old on March 20. (His birthday is three days apart from Jessica Marie Garcia!) Macias’ character’s age isn’t known, but it is estimated to be somewhere between 19 and 25 years old.

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