You asked: How do I breed a sapphire dragon?

Breeding. The Sapphire Dragon can be bred using a Rain Dragon and a Mountain Dragon, in either order, at any Breeding Cave.

Can you breed Gemstone Dragons?

Notes. Gemstone dragons cannot breed with any dragon.

What do Sapphire dragons eat?

While Sapphire Dragons are content to eat fruit in the human realm, they enjoy eating clams, mussels, and other mollusks when they venture underwater. Their sharp, toughened snout is used to break through the hard exterior of the sea-dwellers to feast on the contents inside.

What are the rarest Dragons in Dragonvale?

Dragons Classified as Very Rare

  • Rainbow Dragon.
  • Panlong Dragon.
  • Apocalypse Dragon.
  • Garnet Dragon.
  • Amethyst Dragon.
  • Aquamarine Dragon.
  • Diamond Dragon.
  • Emerald Dragon.

What is the hardest dragon to get in DragonVale?

Dream dragon is the hardest dragon to get, even with the coop breeding cave.

What do dragons hate?

If you want to get really traditional, the quintessential dragon, what a dragon hates most is losing their treasure. In Beowulf, the theft of one cup is enough to send the dragon on a rampage across the land, destroying everything in its path. Of course, being fictional, this can change depending on the series.

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What are dragons favorite food?

From sweet tropical fruits, green cruciferous vegetables, and their absolute favorite, worms and crickets, bearded dragons love having a varied diet of simple, natural, and omnivorous cuisine.

How long do dragons live for?

Bearded Dragon Life Cycle

Life Stage Duration
Embryonic 55 to 80 days to hatch.
Hatchling From birth until eight inches in length.
Juvenile Begins when they reach eight inches in length.
Young adult 1-3 years old.

How do you breed a river dragon in Dragonvale?

The River Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Water and Earth elements at any Breeding Cave.

How do you breed a Chrome Dragon in Dragonvale?

The Chrome Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Metal and Air elements at any Breeding Cave.

What Dragon in Dragonvale makes the most money?

Panlong Dragons: One of the fastest ways to earn cash from a habitat, and a method that is fairly easy to manage, is an Earth Habitat with three Panlong Dragons in it. At level 10, Panlong Dragons earn 194 dragoncash per minute.

What Dragon sells for the most in DragonVale?

Once you reach level seven you’ll have two good options for making better coins.

  • Sonic Dragon – (Air + Lightning) – Requires level 14 – Sells for $1,000,000 with an 8 hour breeding time ($125k/hour)
  • Blazing Dragon – (Air + Fire) – Requires level 14 – Sells for $1,000,000 with a 8 hour breeding time ($125k/hour)


What is the max level for Dragons in Dragonvale?

Currently, the game has a max park level of 140, and there is a total dragon count of 619 (204 elemental dragons, 265 special dragons, and 262 epic dragons), decoration count of 479, and an island count of 29.

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