You asked: Is Diamond no Ace accurate?

Diamond no Ace is a fantastic anime with a very accurate portrayal of baseball. The series is full of high-spirited energy, comedy and rich character personalities.

Is Diamond no Ace realistic?

An anime by the name of the Diamond no Ace (or Ace of Diamond) recently aired an episode that perfectly recreated a legendary Cleveland Indians defensive play. The connection was made by a Facebook page called Anim-Arte, which posted a video showing the two plays back-to-back.

Which is better major or Diamond no Ace?

Major is much better IMO. Plus, it actually has an ending, while Ace of Diamond ends in the middle of the story.

Is Ace of Diamonds anime good?

Definitely worth the watch, whether you’re a sports anime fan or general shonen anime fan. Check it out! If you are really into sport’s anime then jump right in and give this one a look! I’m very 50/50 on Ace of Diamond’s its well drawn and there are some very lovable characters however…

Should I watch Diamond no Ace Reddit?

Absolutely worth watching. Lots of character development and it’s fun to see each individual get better as time passes. I had a very slim knowledge of baseball, and the show eases you into the basics and makes it very entertaining to watch.

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Is major anime good Reddit?

Yes, it’s fantastic. Easily my second favorite sports anime and the current airing season is one of the best seasons of a sports anime ever. Romance is here and there, just depends on how much screentime the love interest happens to have there.

Who is the main character of Diamond no Ace?

Sawamura Eijun is the protagonist of the series. He comes from the prefecture of Nagano, where he played baseball at Akagi Junior High. He is a left-handed pitcher who was promoted from the second string to the first string as No.

How good is major anime?

I’m saying the series is so great that it’s extremely hard for not to enjoy it. Major is a definite must-see for anyone that enjoys sports anime/manga. The plot is pretty much your typical addictive shonen sports anime, but there is some noteworthy drama elements in there as well.

How many episodes of Ace of Diamond are there?

The series is listed for 52 episodes.

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