You asked: What is the best blue gemstone?

What is the prettiest blue gemstone?

The 5 Prettiest Blue Gems Of All Time

  • Aquamarine: The March birthstone has a massive fan following. …
  • Tanzanite: By now the entire world is aware that this gem is rarer than diamonds. …
  • Sapphire: The list can never really be complete without the mention of the royal gem.

What is the most valuable blue gem?

Blue Sapphire is the most sought-after blue stone but there are other gemstone variants that have an equally rich blue color such as Zircon, Lapis Lazuli, and Kyanite, and variants that possess a lighter blue color include gemstones like Aquamarine, Agate, and Topaz.

What gem stone is blue?

The most common blue stone is a Sapphire, however, the deep blue color can also be found in other gemstones such as Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli and Zircon. There are also much lighter or softer blue stones with the most common of the lighter stones being Topaz, and Aquamarine.

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What precious gems are blue?

Blue Gemstones Ideal for Everyday Wear

  • Sapphire. By far the most popular blue gem for faceting, a blue sapphire can have very high saturation. …
  • Tourmaline (Indicolite and Paraíba) …
  • Aquamarine. …
  • Spinel. …
  • Turquoise. …
  • Chalcedony. …
  • Jeremejevite. …
  • Dumortierite.

What crystals should not be used together?

That’s why specific stones shouldn’t be paired together.

  • Carnelian and Amethyst.
  • Blue Lace Agate and Red Jasper.
  • Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine.
  • Sunstones and stones that are associated with Saturn and Venus.
  • Gomed and Cat’s eye.


What does blue stone mean?

Blue gemstones and crystals include apatite, aquamarine, azurite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, larimar, sapphire, sodalite, and turquoise. Blue represents the throat chakra, communication, truth, vision, self-expression, learning, focus, insight, and clarity.

What is the rarest gem on earth?

Musgravite was discovered in 1967 and is arguably the rarest gemstone in the world. It was first discovered in Musgrave Ranges, Australia, and later found in Madagascar and Greenland. The first sizable gem-quality specimen was discovered in 1993.

What is the most expensive gem on earth?

The Most Expensive Gemstone in the World: The Blue Diamond

  • Are worth $3.93 million per carat.
  • Are rare to find in a flawless sample.
  • Cause a huge stir in the jewelry industry when one goes to auction.


What is the rarest blue gemstone?

Tanzanite is one of the rarest and most beautiful gems in the world. Found solely at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzanite is a token of Tanzania’s rich history and heritage.

How do you know if a gemstone is real?

While you might think it would be the other way around, real gemstones are going to have flaws, while synthetic gems will look more perfect. Also, fake gemstones tend to sparkle and shine better than real gemstones, because real natural stones have been worn down through the environment.

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What is my blue crystal called?

Blue crystal examples: Lapis lazuli, aquamarine, blue lace agate, larimar, and azurite. Like the ocean and the sky, blue crystals can be soothing and calming — but they’re also extraordinarily powerful.

What causes rocks to be blue?

Deeply weathered zones, especially those at the top of metal-rich rocks and ore bodies, produce many different oxides and hydrated minerals with strong colors. The most common blue/bluish minerals of this type include azurite, chalcanthite, chrysocolla, linarite, opal, smithsonite, turquoise, and vivianite.

What crystals are toxic?

Toxic Gemstones

Amazonite – contains Copper Angelite – will convert to Gypsum when immersed in water
Hematite (not toxic) – will rust in water Iolite – contains Aluminium
Lapis Lazuli – has Pyrite inclusions which contain Sulphur Lepidolite – contains Aluminium
Malachite – contains Copper Moonstone – contains Aluminium

How can you tell if Aquamarine is real?

The best way to identify a real aquamarine stone is by looking at its colour. In its natural form, they have a pale blue colour, which is similar to seawater. They may have a slight green or yellow tint as well. Naturally occurring gems have excellent clarity and transparency.

What stone is dark blue with sparkles?

Blue Goldstone is a man-made stone. Its sparkle comes from flecks of copper. In crystal healing it is said to be the stone of confidence and ambition, encouraging motivation and drive.

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