Your question: Is Diamond A Ugandan?

Tanzanian Superstar, Diamond Platnumz Reveals He Is A Ugandan. Bongo singer, Diamond Platnumz is Ugandan but for the past few years we have been made to believe he is actually Tanzanian! The singer confirmed this in a new post where he shared a video of Triplets Ghetto kids dancing to his latest hit!

There is a Kiswahili adage that says the only person who knows a child’s father is its mother and that has today been proved by Diamond Platnumz’s mother. … The self styled Mama Dangote named one Salum Iddi Nyange as the biological father as opposed to Abdul Juma who for many years has been known as the star’s father.

Who is Diamond Platnumz wife?

Diamond is set to get married this year to his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna.

Does Diamond Platnumz speak English?

While the Tanzanian artist usually sticks to his Swahili native tongue in his music, he will occasionally include English variants, like with his 2017 award winning hit, “Marry You”, featuring American artist, Ne-Yo.

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Who is the brother to Diamond?

Ромео Абдул Джонс

Who is Diamond’s new girlfriend?

Diamond Platnumz’s rumoured girlfriend, Kenyan based UK model Patricia, has come out to set the record straight on the nature of her relationship with the Bongo star.

Who is the real father of Diamond?

Abdul Juma

Why Diamond broke up with Zari?

Via her social media the gorgeous socialite broke the news she was leaving Diamond for good. Obvious reason? Infidelity. She revealed how she could no longer stomach the bongo artist’s cheating ways and for the sake of her wellbeing, she had been forced to end their relationship.

Is Zuchi dating diamond?

In an interview with Wasafi media, Zuchu denied rumours she is sleeping with her boss, and that it is the reason he ditched his baby mama Tanasha Donna. She said her relationship with Diamond is work-based and once outside the studio, Diamond becomes her big brother. It has never been sexual.

Who is dating diamond?

10 hot photos of the South African Model Andréa Abrahams said to be dating Diamond Platnumz | Pulselive Kenya.

Is Diamond still in love with Zari?

Zari has nothing but love for Diamond. The Waah hit singer is currently working on an album and will be in South Africa for a month. He has rented a mansion where he will be staying for the time he will be in Mzansi.

Is Diamond Dead or Alive?

The musician is not dead, he is very much alive and in good health. In fact, he is busy working on his new album that according to his close allies will hit the music arena with a thud. The news of Diamond Platnumz dead is the latest death hoax about a celebrity.

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How old is Zuchu?

27 years (November 22, 1993)

Is Rayvanny Diamond Platnumz brother?

Many think Rayvanny and Diamond Platnumz are brothers because they are quite close, but they are not. Not much is known about Rayvanny’s family. But the songster had showed of a bod he called his twin brother two years ago. Back then, in an Instagram post, he had called Shadrack his twin.

Is Harmorapa brother to harmonize?

Harmonize’s ‘twin brother’ Harmorapa tattoos Wema Sepetu’s name on his neck.

How old is diamond platinum?

31 years (October 2, 1989)

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