Your question: Is Gorjana jewelry legit?

Is Gorjana good quality?

Is Gorjana jewelry good quality? Overall, Gorjana jewelry is decent quality for fashion jewelry, though you shouldn’t expect a high resale value or long lifespan.

Is Gorjana real gold?

gorjana’s gold pieces are all plated with real 18k gold. They ensure all of their pieces will maintain their luster for years.

Is Gorjana jewelry ethical?

One of my favorite affordable jewelry lines that you’ve seen me post about before is Gorjana. … Mejuri is focused on ethical practices and by selling directly to the us (the buyer), they are able to cut out the middleman and make their fine jewelry more affordable.

How long does Gorjana take to ship?

Orders placed on Sunday will ship on Monday. While most orders are processed within 24-hours, orders may take 1-3 business days to process prior to shipment.


Standard Shipping FREE 3-7 business days
2 Day Shipping $20 2 business days
Overnight Shipping $30 1 business day

Why your jewelry looks cheap?

A lot of cheap jewelry is made with inexpensive alloys, or even plastic that’s just painted and coated to look like metal. Polished gold, silver, and bronze are shiny, but not that shiny. Choose slightly darker metals over really light-colored, bright metals.

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What are the best jewelry brands?

Commit These Top Designer Jewelry Brands to Memory

  1. Tiffany & Co. Blame it on the classic Audrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but there’s something undeniably timeless about anything from this age-old jewelry designer. …
  2. Cartier. …
  3. David Yurman. …
  4. Mikimoto. …
  5. Bvlgari. …
  6. Harry Winston. …
  7. Hermès. …
  8. Chopard.


Is gold filled better than gold plated?

Gold-filled jewelry has 100x more gold alloy than gold plated and because that layer is so much thicker, it means gold-filled jewelry lasts longer and stands up to wear and tear better than gold plated. All it would take is one small scratch on a gold-plated piece to expose the jeweler’s brass underneath.

Is 18k gold good quality?

18k gold is about 75% pure gold, which makes it less durable than 14k gold because it contains more pure gold. The more pure gold present in a metal, the softer the metal will be. … 18k gold, unfortunately, is also susceptible to scratches and dents due in part to this higher purity level.

Is Gorjana jewelry gold plated?

Almost all of Gorjana’s jewelry pieces are gold plated with the exception of their silver, gemstone, and pearl jewelry. Gorjana’s gold plating is very high-quality and durable, however, and the company always uses good 14k or 18k gold for its items.

What is ethically made jewelry?

Ethical jewelry is jewelry that has no negative impact on the people who make it, or the environment they’re produced in. This is jewelry made using materials that have been produced in an ethical way, eg, fair-trade materials and conflict-free diamonds.

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What is 14k gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is a high-quality form of gold plating in which a thick layer of gold (this must be more than 2.5 microns and is usually between 14k – 22k gold) is coated upon sterling silver.

What does it mean if a necklace is gold filled?

Gold-filled jewelry is jewelry composed of a solid layer of gold (typically constituting at least 5% of the item’s total weight) mechanically bonded to a base of either sterling silver or some base metal.

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Are Gorjana returns free?

Yes, Gorjana does offer free returns & exchanges.

Is Gorjana jewelry nickel free?

Are gorjana items nickel free? The 18K gold, rose gold, or silver plating is nickel free. However, we do not consider our items nickel free because the base metal can carry traces of nickel.

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