Your question: What comes with Diamond Elite membership?

What do you get with the Diamond Elite membership?

With your Diamond Elite VIP Membership you will receive the following (in addition to what you already have): Two additional skip-the-line passes every visit at parks that offer them (so now you’ll have four) One Golden Friend Ticket every year. Bonus 1,000 Six Flags Member Rewards points every month.

What are Diamond Elite upgrades every visit?

Diamond Elite Priority Preferred Parking. Skip two Ride Lines Every Visit. Save up to 50% on Almost Everything. Unlimited Soft Drinks Every Visit.

What is a Diamond Elite upgrade?

With a free upgrade to Diamond Elite, you’ll get: Priority preferred parking every visit. 50% off most candy & merchandise. 50% off most food & drinks. Two skip-the-line passes every visit.

How much are Six Flags diamond passes?

cost are from 7.10 per member up 18.50 per member. The thing is your paying a month fee for 4 months that the park is not open. The membership is a 12 month agreement. after your 12 months you can cancel or continue the membership.

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Is the 6 Flags membership worth it?

In Conclusion

It’s obviously not worth the cost if you only plan on going once or twice but If you plan on visiting your local Six Flags more than four times per year, I would definitely recommend a Six Flags membership going forward.

Is it worth it to get Six Flags membership?

If you think you’ll visit the park at least once this year and at least once next year, then you definitely want to become a Six Flags Member. You will save a ton of money right off the bat off the cost of admission, and depending on which level of Membership you choose, you’ll save a lot of money in park too.

What is Diamond Elite?

The Diamond Elite Baseball Program’s number one goal is to develop the best baseball players and teams in the Mid-Atlantic region. …

How much is a diamond membership?

By joining the Diamond Signature Club, members will have access to all of the on-site amenities, as well as those in any Life Time fitness club in the country. A single membership at Life Time Greenway costs $199 per month, while a family membership can cost up to $400 per month.

How much does a diamond lifetime membership cost?

1 Year Pay in Full $935

What do Diamond members get at Six Flags?

50% off most candy & merchandise. 50% off most food & drinks. Two skip-the-line passes every visit. Priority waterpark exclusive seating area.

What is the difference between gold and platinum flash pass?

Gold Flash Pass = 50% time less than regular wait time. Platinum Flash pass = 90% time less than regular wait time. It’s the same at every Six Flags park although the price varies by park. … If you get them during the flash sale each year, you can get the gold version for $200 each.

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What does the Platinum Pass at Six Flags do?

One skip-the-line pass every visit. Waterpark exclusive seating area. Free haunted house during Fright Fest. Free s’more during Holiday in the Park.

Can I cancel my six flags membership before 12 months?

According to the Six Flags membership cancellation policy, which is posted online and on order confirmations, customers may cancel any time after their first twelve months. And customers must submit their cancellation request at least two weeks prior to their final desired payment.

What’s the difference between Six Flags membership and season pass?

Season Pass Holders are primarily looking for an admission product that lets them visit the park as many times as they like (with a few special perks thrown in) while Members are looking for a “total Six Flags experience” that includes admission, parking, food, merchandise, games and everything else we have to offer.

How long does a Six Flag season pass last?

Season Pass Valid Until Dates: Generally, a Season Pass is valid from the time it is purchased until the end of the calendar year during which it was purchased (e.g., a Season Pass purchased in April 2018 will be valid until December 31, 2018).

What happens if I cancel my six flags membership?

Yes, but if you cancel during the 12 month commitment, there will be a termination fee. The termination fee is the remaining balance for your commitment. So if you cancel 6 months into your Membership, you would still be responsible for the payments of the last 6 months.

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