Your question: What is the Diamond Club at Minute Maid Park?

How much are Diamond Club seats at Minute Maid Park?

When available, Astros Diamond Club tickets can cost between $200 to $600 for an individual seat. Prime seats in the front rows of Astros Diamond Club sections can exceed $1000 for many games.

What are Diamond Club seats?

Offering seats situated between the dugouts with upscale dining options, in-seat wait service, and full-service bars, the Diamond Club provides a first-class experience for you and your guests. …

What is club level at Minute Maid Park?

Club level seats at Minute Maid Park combine great views of the field with premium benefits to make for one of the more desirable seating areas at an Astros game. These seats offer a perfect height above the field for a comfortable view of the game at all times.

What are the best seats at Minute Maid Park?

Sections 217-221 are the best of the best when it comes to good views from behind home plate. These seats are situated at an excellent height for seeing the entire field and the videoboard. Just be aware that these seats – along with seating directly below (Insperity Club and sections 118-120) – are behind the netting.

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How much are Astros tickets behind home plate?

These sections are located around the plate, with tickets generally going for around $30.

How much are Astros tickets at the gate?

Houston Astros Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2021 Minute Maid Park $83
2020 Minute Maid Park $81
2019 Minute Maid Park $55
2018 Minute Maid Park $52

What do Reds club seats include?


All Club Box seats are undercover and anchored by an outdoor bar at the back of sections 306 and 307. Guests with a Club Box ticket receive access to the climate-controlled Fox Sports Club to enjoy it’s all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages.

What do Reds Diamond seats include?

Reds Diamond Seats include all food and drinks (including beer and wine), private stadium entrance from reserved VIP parking, in-seat wait service, exclusive access to the Diamond Club, and invitations to premium seat holder events hosted by the Cincinnati Reds.

Do Royals Diamond Club tickets include food?

The Diamond Club Boxes are behind the Diamond Club Seats and offer slightly padded seats with a rail to hold drinks and small food items. In-seat wait service is also provided for the Diamond Club Boxes and each ticket includes $20 for use on food and merchandise throughout Kauffman Stadium on the day of the game.

Can you take a purse into Minute Maid Park?

For everyone’s safety, bags exceeding 16” x 16” x 8” and backpacks are not permitted inside Minute Maid Park. All bags will be searched upon entry. See full Bag Policy for details.

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Can I bring food into Minute Maid Park?


Guests can bring food and bottled water into Minute Maid Park for Houston Astros games.

What is Astros Gallagher club pass?

The Gallagher Club is the first club space at the park to offer an exclusive membership that can be added to an existing season ticket account without relocating your seat.

How many rows are in Minute Maid Park?

The field/lower level 100’s sections have between 12 and 26 seats per row, 200’s sections have between 15 and 17 seats per row, 300’s sections have between 13 and 23 seats per row, and the 400’s sections have between 12 and 28 seats per row.

How much is parking at Minute Maid Park?

If you plan to park in the Minute Maid Park parking lots, you can expect to pay around $30. Parking rates will vary depending on how far you are willing to walk, or the event taking place at the arena. The Diamond Lot along with lots B,C, and D can go as low as $10 for parking for select games.

Who sits behind home plate at Minute Maid Park?

Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush — avid Astros fans in life — are current front row cutouts behind home plate at Minute Maid Park. The late dignitaries and forever Houston royals were a welcome, heartwarming sight as the Astros took on the Giants, beating the San Francisco team 6-4.

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