Your question: Why can’t I get Diamond Camo in Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War players can’t unlock Diamond camo thanks to a bug. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is just under four weeks old but has experienced a year’s worth of bugs already. From game-breaking crashes to various glitches, players have a good amount to report to Treyarch.

How do you fix diamond camo glitch Cold War?

Switch off the gaming console and wait for a moment. Try and log back in the game. The players might now see these same challenges left to be completed to unlock that gold camo which was just finished a while back. Complete the challenges again.

How do you unlock Diamond Camo in Cold War?

Unlocking Diamond Camo in Black Ops Cold War

To unlock the diamond camo, you need to unlock all gold camos in a particular weapon category which are assault rifles, submachine guns, tactical rifles, light machine guns, and sniper rifles.

Why is my Diamond Camo not showing up?

Please restart your game and check again if Diamond hasn’t shown up for you yet. To fix your broken diamond camos in Black Ops Cold War simply restart your game and check again. … If you still aren’t up to date here’s everything you need to know about Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 1!

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How do you get diamond skin in the Cold War?

How To Unlock The Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter Skins in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

  1. Gold Skins: The player needs to level up every weapon in every class to unlock all the other skins first. …
  2. Diamond Skins: The player will need to unlock the Gold Camo for every weapon.


How do you fix weapon mastery glitch in Cold War?

Load up the battle royale and make a class with your gun of choice. Then check your weapon camos again, while inside Warzone. Chances are, there’s a weapon camo that actually isn’t unlocked. Simply head back into Cold War to finish off your remaining challenge, and the Gold Mastery camo should unlock.

Does anyone have Diamond Camo in Cold War?

For Black Ops Cold War, the Diamond camo acts as a milestone for each weapon category. Once all weapons in a selected category have been mastered (via gold camo unlock) diamond camo is unlocked. While not as impressive as the Dark Matter Ultra or Dark Aether camos, Diamond still is a visually pleasing camo.

How do you get a golden gun in the Cold War?

How To Get Gold On Each Launcher

  1. Spray – 50 eliminations.
  2. Stripes – Destroy 50 equipment, scorestreaks, or vehicles.
  3. Classic – 3 kills without dying 20 times, each kill with the equipped weapon.
  4. Geometric – Destroy 50 ground-based scorestreaks or vehicles.
  5. Flora – Destroy 50 aerial scorestreaks or vehicles.


Do DLC weapons count for Diamond Cold War?

Usually, to get Diamond you must get gold on all of the base weapons in the class, and extra DLC guns don’t count towards the progression. … Instead, DLC weapons now count towards the progression, allowing you to leave out the worst weapons in the class.

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Why does diamond in warzone look so bad?

The main problem seems to be that the ‘diamonds’ on the camo don’t really look like diamonds at all. They lack shine or texture and are more comparable to stone, which certainly takes away from the ‘prestigious’ nature of the design.

How do you unlock dark matter in the Cold War?

The way to unlock the Dark Matter Ultra camo in Black Ops Cold War is the same as in previous Black Ops games. Players must unlock Diamond Camo for all weapon classes in multiplayer. That’s what it takes.

How long is dark matter Cold War?

Diamond & Dark Matter camos however take slightly longer to complete and may require anywhere between 2-4 days for diamond camo depending on the type, and around 10-15 days for their Dark Matter service.

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